Mother Mary Comes To Me…

7 Dec

My Husband’s Mother passed away some years ago.  I have heard from everyone who knew her that she was the best.  I always wanted a guardian angel.  Maybe I had had one and didn’t know it.  But from the time I met my Husband I felt his Mother’s presence around me often.  It was something I’ve never experienced before….I have heard her voice, I have felt her wrap her arms around me.  I know she and I would love each other.  I know she loves how much I love her son. And I believe she watches over us constantly.

And she has been the one I prayed to these last few days.  I prayed for her to come and take her boys pain and possible illness.  I prayed for her to make this train stop and let us get off.  I prayed for her to help me be calm.  And she did.  I know it was no coincidence that the 2 women who have come to give my Husband (a lapse catholic) communion in his room shared the same name as his mother.  And I felt her there today as we prayed. 


Thank you all so much for your love, support, and offering to clean for me 🙂


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