Vegetarian,Yogi,HIV+ Goddesses Can Have Gel Nails Too!

18 Nov

You’ll recall when first diagnosed I made the choice to remove my long (very long) gel nails.  I know. I’m so brave. 

Apparently I said to my girlfriend, “because they don’t go with my disease”.  What ever the hell that meant.  Well…I had the nails taken off last week and they put some sort of gel polish on my natural nails (which look like stumps) and I hate it.  And my hands look like they were attacked by beavers!  They break, they are chipped and gross and they don’t look pretty.  And I don’t care if I’m going to look like I have claws when I downward dog on the yoga mat….I want my fake nails back! 

When I said the didn’t “go with my disease”- I guess, initially, I saw myself drinking kefir with a nose ring and thrift store jeans, singing Joni Mitchell and doing the head stand kinda yoga and growing my armpit hair- and that was how I would survive HIV.  But my personal style has always been Boho-Chic meets Mob Wives…and…  SIDEBAR: WHY is Diane Keaton playing with baby deer in her Chico’s commercial?! Sorry.  Back to HIV:  while I know there is inevitable change in the air, can’t I still be Catherine Denueve with a dash of Carmella Soprano while being an HIV Warrior Princess?! And shave my armpits? By the way….if YOU don’t want to shave YOUR armpits, I fully support your decision.  I applaud you! 

What are your weekend plans? What are you going to do to be kind to yourself and healthy?  I’m going to a wonderful restaurant tonight with loving friends.  My dear friend found a great deal for us at a place we’ve all wanted to go and I’m looking forward to yummy food, good wine, and GREAT company!  Tomorrow I’m catching up with my best friend.  We’re way overdue for a girls day and she’s going to help me get the ball rolling with the website and we’re going to hot tub it up and enjoying being together! Saturday night it’s all about the family!!!  And Sunday I am SO looking forward to my first private yoga session with my dear friend who is an incredible teacher.  We’ll be sharing more of her knowledge and practice with you guys soon with yoga  tailored to the specific needs of those of us living with HIV!

I’m wishing you all health and peace this weekend.  Please reach out to me here or via email or on Twitter if there’s anything you need.  Do your best to stay calm and make healthy choices.

Love You!



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